Why is it important to use labels?

Have you already heard the word Label or know the meaning of Label. But, you didn’t notice, a label is a piece of paper, cloth, metal or other stuff attached to a container or product that bears information about the product or item, or the design of the mark or the price of the product. . We call this labels and there are many types of labels, but we will move on to a blogger label.

Label is a keyword in a blog that classifies your entire blog content, they are linked to the link in your post and the label is written correctly related to the content and title, which is named SEO friendly label in the language of SEO. is recognized.

For example, if I want to write a blog about cooking, then make sure that I label all the posts written on Punjabi Sabzi as Punjabi Sabzi and Paneer Tika Masala and paste a label widget in blogger.

When a reader visits to read the post, if the eye falls on the sidebar label, clicking on Punjabi vegetable will help in reading all the posts written on Punjabi vegetable.

Which increases the views of our blog and keeps the bounce rate low. When you provide your readers with multiple label options to navigate your blog, you can actually reduce your bounce rate, which means that you Forcing readers to spend more time on their blog.

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Label is also known as blog category, label helps users to choose related posts they can add like custom relevant post widget either you can show below your blog post, if you need post content If you do not want to keep it under, you can also hide it.

There are many such limited features on Blogger, whenever you want, you can activate it by putting a tickmark and you can also hide it. Similarly, you can do it in WordPress, but in WordPress, the category tag has been placed instead of the label, there is no difference between the two, but their nickname is different.

Why is it important to use labels?

Blog label helps to organize your blog content. So you have other important parts of the blog like taking photos, taking videos, posts and more.

When you have hundreds of posts published over the years, the label can save you time and can easily make all your posts into a category group with easy to find when searching on your blog or big blog label page .

You do not need to use your mind to apply a label, because Blogger does all the hard work for you. So you don’t need to categorize your posts manually, just create an about label and add other related posts to it.

Apart from this, the labels of Blogger help you to easily see the posts that you have posted about a topic, you can easily find out about it and you can avoid publishing double posts.

Labels can help you compile blog post information faster and do label analysis on how many posts have been written in the future.

You can see in the blog how much content you have written about a topic and also show where your interests lie in your blog.

And blog labels can enhance the reading experience of your readers because they can easily spread through your content and click on the label link to get tons of information about any topic.

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How many labels can we make on the blog?

This question is really based on your blog topic, how many posts you have written and how much category wise knowledge you have, you can make labels according to that.

Those who use WordPress definitely know that we have two options available where we can use Categories as the main topic and Tags as the micro topic and if we talk about blogger blog, then there is the right label option available. , we can show it the label by typing category or tag in the widget tile.

If you have multiple labels for your site, you can sort by more than four labels in one of your posts and write no more than 7 or 9 words per label. If you want to write more, then you can write it, but your reader should not hesitate to read big words.

And you can make the label show label in both menu tab and sidebar and write Label unlimited in blog post but blogger can make you display 100 label in one widget in sidebar, more than that you can display label by taking another widget Is.

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