Troubled by a headache? Get rid of headache problems with these 3 yoga asanas

Physical and mental problems can be overcome with yoga asana. You can take the help of yoga to overcome the problems of headaches.

Doing yoga asana regularly can keep you physically and mentally healthy. This has also been confirmed by scientists. Many scientists believe that by taking the help of yoga, you can keep your body healthy. Talking about headaches, with the help of yoga, you can also overcome the problem of your headache. Along with this, you can also reduce many problems in your body. Now the question is, which yoga is right to overcome the problem of headache? If you are also unaware of this, then let us know about it through this article-

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Supta Virasana

The word Virasana comes from Sanskrit, which means to do asanas while sleeping. This asana proves to be very beneficial for headaches. Scientific research published in this regard states that the name of Supta Virasana is also included in the yoga that relieves migraine. In such a situation, Supta Virasana is called the yoga of headache.

Procedure for doing Supta Virasana:

To do this asana, sit in the posture of Vajrasana by laying on a mat or mat. After this, while breathing, move the body backward and keep the hands on the ground in front of the elbows. In this posture, the back will remain on the ground and the hips should be on the toes. After which take the head backward as much as possible.


This word is made up of two words from the Sanskrit language, in which the first word means foot and the second word is Angushtha meaning thumb. While doing this asana, one has to support the body with the help of one leg. At present, no clear scientific research has come to confirm this posture.

Procedure to do Padungasthasana:

This asana is done like Tadasana. After which the breath is released. And meditation is done sitting on the feet. Lift one leg and place it on the thigh of the other leg and raise yourself up by joining both hands. You can fall at this point, so it should be done by leaning against the wall. And then remain in this position for a few seconds. Then you can do this asana for 5 – 10 minutes.


This posture is also made with two words. The first word is hair and the second is asana. Bal means child and asana mean posture. That’s why this asana has been named Child’s Pose in English. By doing this asana, the deficiency of blood is removed. It can also help in keeping the brain healthy.

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How to do Balasan Yoga:

To do this asana, first of all, sit in the posture of Vajrasana by laying a yoga mat. After that take a long breath. After this, taking both the hands directly above the head, while exhaling, bend forward. During this, keep in mind that the hips do not have to be lifted from the ankles. After bending in front, rest the palms, elbows, and head on the ground. Try to stay in this pose for a few seconds and continue the process of inhaling and exhaling. In the beginning, you can do this asana for 5 to 10 minutes.

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