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Before anyone heard about COVID-19, the transportation industry solutions found remedies for problems that were brewing. The underlying inefficiencies the sector has never properly addressed have only now come to light as a result of the outbreak. Many people who decide to address these have the chance.

What therefore should be done going forward in a post-COVID-19 world? Even managing the immediate financial problems during this downturn would be considered a victory by some. However, businesses that have greater financial and strategic freedom—and who are able and ready to confront long-standing difficulties in the sector—might succeed and even completely reshape the transportation industry. Whatever the severity of the epidemic, there are issues that must be resolved, and the current situation offers some businesses a chance to advance quickly. Here, we lay out a strategy that businesses can take into account as they plan how to get over the COVID-19 dilemma and go on to success.

Everyone is facing difficulties right now. Some businesses will revert to their outdated methods of operation. Some people will be motivated and equipped to gradually raise their performance. Others will view this catastrophe as a chance to confront transportation industry’s solution provider long-standing inefficiencies. And maybe a few will develop a fundamental rethinking of their businesses or the industry as a whole. Consider the strategies in this document as you map out your course to assist you get through the COVID-19 crisis and prosper moving forward.

Some businesses in the transportation industry will be in a position to “take advantage” of the COVID-19 situation and gain a competitive edge. But how much and in what kind will there be inorganic movement in the market? The answer to that question may depend on how severe the recession is. Although “leaping ahead” can take many different shapes, there are several chances in troubled markets for individuals who have the will and the know-how.

One of the few actions that can stably raise stock prices (and valuations) out of the confined range many transportation industry solution provider have experienced over the past few years is the transformation of business models. According to our research, the capital markets value enterprises under each of these four models extremely differently. The illustration below shows our study’s application to the transportation sector.

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