So here we are at the end of 2013 and the new gaming generation is upon us! I don’t know about you, but I’m very excited to see what this new gaming era has in store for us. With the advances in hardware and new technologies being implemented, this is definitely the most exciting update in gaming history.

I’ve been debating which system I want as my new heart, so I decided to break down the differences between the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. If you look at the specs of both systems, you probably won’t notice a significant difference between the two. xbox one gebraucht Both systems advertise 8-core processors and high-end graphics capabilities. Both systems have 8GB of RAM, although the Xbox One uses DDR3 while the PlayStation 4 uses GDDR5, which is a faster memory type. The PlayStation 4 appears to be faster, but that doesn’t mean the graphics quality will necessarily be better.

Xbox One’s cloud-based gaming is truly fascinating. By using remote servers in the “cloud”, gaming experiences can change dramatically as next-gen advances. Possibilities include offloading of processing tasks, allowing for large, sprawling worlds that load seamlessly, as well as lifelike simulations and animations. The PlayStation 4 is also cloud-based and may have similar feats at some point during its lifetime.

Xbox One ships with Kinect and I personally enjoyed the cool features of the Xbox 360 version of Kinect. Moving screens by “dswiping” my hand felt futuristic and really satisfied my inner nerd. Giving my Xbox commands and swiping felt like we were finally seeing the next generation of games coming our way. The new Kinect is said to be more sensitive and even able to detect your heartbeat. Interesting I know. The PlayStation 4 also has a separately available camera attachment that can do some of the same things many believe won’t be on par with the Kinect.

As far as games go, there are titles in the works for both systems that I’m interested in. Some of the new PS4 games I’ve seen, like Killzone: Shadow Fall and Dying Lights, are prime examples of the difference between the current generation of games and the new one we’re about to enter. The new Xbox One also has some good games. Dead Rising 3 looks incredibly fun, and Fighter Within appears to be a gem that many might be surprised by.

PlayStation 4 Release Date: Sooner Than You Think?

People are raving about the PlayStation 3, the stunning graphics, the cell chip processor, the blue ray and its amazing capabilities.

Flashback 15 years ago. Capcom released Street Fighter II for arcades. Tecmo published Tecmo Super Bowl for NES and Sega published Sonic the Hedgehog. Nintendo releases the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES).

The release of the 16-bit version of the Sega Genesis in 1989 created competition with Nintendo, which previously dominated the home console internet gaming market. However, in 1991, SNES brought Nintendo to the front again.

At that time, Sony was nowhere to be found in the gaming industry. By that time, however, Sony had recognized the power of video game consoles and quietly began work on a console that would rival Nintendo and Sega as the best gaming console on the market at the time. The Sony PlayStation was the first game console ever to sell over 100 million game units in March 2005. The Sony also had the ability to play audio CDs, as Sony refused to say it was strictly a games console. This trend continued with the release of the PlayStation 2, becoming the fastest selling console with over 105 million units sold between October 26, 2000 and March 31, 2006. The PS2 had the ability to not only be backwards compatible when playing PlayStation 1 games, but it also played music as well as DVD movies.

Flash back to the present and Microsoft has now stepped in as a major player, introducing its second gaming console, the Xbox360, which succeeded the Xbox. And while Nintendo had no outside revenue from things like stereos, computer software, home appliances, and entertainment systems, it refused to be held back from being a major player in the gaming console market. They released the Nintendo Wii, which not only will compete with the Xbox360 but was released in time for the holidays to compete with the new PlayStation 3.

The PlayStation 3 is just amazing. xbox one s 1tb The Blu-ray drive enables playback of ultra-high-density optical discs capable of storing digital media, including high-resolution video, enabling some of the most stunning graphics you’ve ever seen. It also comes with a Bluetooth wireless controller and most notably the cell processing chip, the same chip used in some supercomputers.

According to Wikipedia, during the November 11, 2006 release in Japan, the PlayStation3 sold 81,639 units within the first 24 hours. It continues to sell out and has sold for as much as $15,000 on Ebay. If the built-in 20GB hard drive isn’t enough, the PS3 also comes in a premium version that includes not just a 60GB hard drive but multiple flash card readers.

Will we see a PlayStation 4? Not only is the answer sooner than many people think, but according to Sony’s Ken Kutaragi, they plan to release it within the next decade.

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