From the top and through many years of failure. I find the following quite important if you want to build an audience of millions of followers! A very important part is the automation (post scheduling). But you need to know where to find the right content to share. Those are the principles I like best.

There are 9 core principles to building massive social media audiences. How I believe you build a huge social audience after working your way through the maze of making money online. But I quickly realized that it’s all about the strategy you use. You need to develop your own traffic strategies, so being creative comes in handy.

1. Establish a common need.

2. Create professional profiles (profile shows who you are)

3. Find a proven solution.

4. Create curiosity through design.

5. Share other people’s content to create recognition.

6. Only post useful content.

7. Consistency through automation.

8. Timing and GEO location.

9 . Consistent audience engagement.

The strategic combination of these 9 principles will blow your mind! Through experience, an audience growth of 87.4% and an active audience rate of 82.7% ( within 6 days after combining the 9 principles )! True story… And all I did was create and share relevant useful content worth liking, sharing and commenting on!

A closer look at the 9 basic principles.

Determination of a common identified need.

This is where many newbies make a mistake. Making money online requires skill because it’s an art, not a competition. Blindly rushing into the highest paying affiliate offers just to make a profit. Your profitable niche drives the commonly identified need. Because the key to generating sales is to arouse curiosity about the solution on offer.

Create professional profiles and build trust.

Take your time and make each profile as professional and meaningful as possible. If you claim to be an “expert” then prove it. That goes for tiktok likes , Instagram , Facebook (Pages/Groups), Telegram , Quora (Spaces) and all the other usual suspects. Your audience needs to be able to interact with YOU. Not with your darling sports car , island beach or beloved pet.

a proven solution.

This is where the proverbial plot thickens. Because finding the right affiliate offer that solves the problem and satisfies the need. You will not only, maybe even spend a few days researching. But you also need to buy and test what you want to offer your audience. In order to gain followers, you need to give them a reason to do so. Building trust is a good start.

Arouse curiosity with creative design.

I doubt I need to mention the image editing tool called Canva . The perfect tool to create quirky presentations from images to videos to YouTube shorts! But you can also create Instagram posts, TikTok videos and SO much more. The key is using your creativity and creating curiosity. You need to create the kind of curiosity that will make a person stop scrolling and wonder what “this” is all about.

Share other people’s content to create recognition.

Quora Spaces incredibly successful. Share other people’s content, but then you’ll have to create your own spaces. However, this has an added benefit including your TikTok , Instagram , Facebook and social profiles in space descriptions and your Quora profile is a great way to gain followers. There are several ways to share quality content from high authority sites to build large followings.

Sharing other people’s content in the same way with Facebook Pages and Groups has had similarly surprising growth results. When you just need to use the automation and post-scheduling tools to maintain consistency.

Think of it this way, you want others to share your content, right? Well, then you must first share them and be recognized . The key to building a larger audience faster is to always give more than you take.

Some Facebook stats and growth on a brand new Facebook page.

Within two and a half weeks this page was already reaching 150 – 450 people per day! About another month later, this Facebook page was reaching 400-1400 people a day! All with free , quality content, consistency, design, and engagement.

Always post useful content.

Based on your niche research and broadly identified needs, only post content that is relevant to the topic (niche). But if you plan on posting from other people, make sure the presentation sparks curiosity. Make your visitor want to read the post so your audience will come back to check out other posts. Give them a reason to visit your profile.

Consistency through automation.

When you create and manage multiple Facebook Pages, groups, profiles, spaces and communities. It will be impossible to create all the content needed to maintain consistency. That’s why it’s so important to share other people’s content and of course combine it with your own. Create a balanced mix of scheduled posts across all major social networks.

Quora offers you a free post-planning tool with Quora Spaces. While Facebook also offers a free option to schedule posts. But there is a more effective solution called FPTraffic . Here you can get high quality content in every niche from top ranked sites like Bing, YouTube and many more.

Importance of timing and GEO location.

You want to pay attention to both your own GEO location and that of your target audience. Set the time difference so your scheduled posts reach your audience at a time when they’re most likely to engage. Timing is of the utmost importance. followerfabrik Scheduling posts while your audience sleeps defeats the purpose in the first place.

But GEO location is also important to establish affordability in affiliate marketing, for example. You cannot promote a high-ticket affiliate program in a GEO location where the average income exceeds the membership fee. You will waste your time.

Consistent audience engagement.

More work on your part, yes. People start liking, sharing and commenting on your posts and videos. You must answer them, a polite and simple ” thanks, I really appreciate sharing ” goes a long way. Be active with your audience so they can get to know you. They will be more inclined to try your solution.

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