Revive Church KC Embraces Technology to Further Their Mission

Today, the place and manner of worship options are more numerous and varied than ever before. They’re also more easily accessible than ever before. Online services are available if you are unable or do not want to travel far from your home. Small-scale neighborhood churches accept smaller congregations, while megachurches serve whole communities. At Revive Church, The team at KC is aware of how transformative church-going experiences can become. So, they’ve made no sacrifices to deliver the finest quality of services that they can provide.

They’ve looked at lighting cameras, lighting streams, and even sound to capture the feeling they seek to provide at Revive Church KC. Each of these elements helps improve the ease of access and comfort for the people attending services, whether on the internet or in person.

Revive Church KC uses Vista 3 as the control software to light the church and Vista Chroma Q as the lightboard. Lighting can be tricky. It must be dim enough that people feel safe enough to take part in worship truly; however, it must also be bright enough for people to see the faces of the congregation and the people God intends to serve during that particular worship service. Vista has been instrumental in achieving the perfect balance.

Blackmagic cameras with Canon lenses are currently being used to stream live. In terms of sound, you can expect to hear Yamaha Board, Nord keyboard, Jackson Ampworks, Fender guitars and multitrack mainstage, Ableton, Earthworks Microphones, JBL VTX A series, Waves, Pro Tools, Crown HD, Native Instruments Toontracks, Spectrasonics and Roland drum pads.

Revive Church KC aspires to utilize the most effective software available. If you walk into the venue and hear the music and production, they are confident that you will be able to tell.

Within the church, Revive Church KC has implemented software that can reduce stress and confusion while planning and organizing events on a large scale. Planning Center allows them to organize every event. Church Center sends push notifications to inform members of forthcoming events. It also lets members to sign-up for events through the application. It has also eliminated filling out paper forms and navigating through various websites.

Basecamp helps keep track of the project and event’s responsibilities. This has allowed the team to create unforgettable gatherings for our community. It also can help avoid scrambling at the last minute, which can create anxiety for volunteers.

In a time where technology is both an advantage and the opposite, Revive’s staff and members are grateful for software applications that can aid them! Revive Church KC continues to prioritize keeping its members informed and active in their community and being organized and active in their communities.

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