Picking the Right Motorcycle Riding Bag: An Effective Guide

The motorcycle riding bag is minimalistic and yet lets you pack all the essential gear for your bike trip. Even after you load and pack all the bike trip essentials in these riding bags, they stay nimble and light. You can carry these bags even on off-pavement terrain as well. You can choose between motorcycle riding bags and bike touring bags. 

However, the former is more lightweight and streamlined. They are perfect when you have to drive on narrow singletrack trails where carrying wider loads can hang up on hindrances.

Your Guideline for Picking the Right Motorcycle Riding Bag

Let’s delve deeper into the basic criteria for choosing a motorcycle bike. This guideline will help you pick the right bag that suits your needs.

Understand if the Riding Bag is Offering Maximum Protection

While it is normal to assume that motorcycle bags are one of those bike riding accessories that provide optimal protection, owing to their rigid construction and durability. In a lot of cases, this concept doesn’t hold. Therefore, be specific about the protection when buying these bags. See how well it can keep your content safe from collisions and external impacts. Also, see if the bags can provide you protection from the harsh environmental elements.

What to Keep in Mind About Hard Motorcycle Riding Bag Cases?

Another factor to keep in mind is that a rigid bag for bike riders are vulnerable to both shaking and vibration. You can avoid your fragile items from breaking and getting damaged by wrapping them with either a towel or something made from fleece

What to Know About Motorcycle Soft Bags?

Soft bags on the other hand isn’t prone to shaking or vibration. This is because the pliable bags will either fold or roll down onto themselves. It will thereafter strap securely to fill the void inside and keep the contents in their right place. This will prevent the contents from excessive shifting. But despite the soft bags not being vulnerable to shaking and vibration, you would still want to wrap your delicate items in proper padding. 

Consider the Motorcycle Bag Weight

It is easier to decide between hard and soft motorcycle bags. The hard bags are made of lightweight yet rigid materials. However, the hardware and metal pannier mounting frames add to the mass. While some motorcycle soft riding bags include pannier frames, you can look for frameless options as well. The lightweight soft motorcycle riding bags are always the best option to maintain the bike agility.

Is Your Motorcycle Bag Waterproof?

Most manufacturers claim motorcycle bags to be waterproof. However, not every time do you find their claims to be correct. Always make sure to check if the bags are 100% waterproof. This is essential if neither storms nor heavy rainfall stops you from riding your dearest bag. To be double sure and to keep your contents moisture-free, you can always pack your bag inside a secondary bag.

Ask How Durable the Motorcycle Bag is

Motorcycle hard riding bags can keep your contents safe from crushing due to hard external impact. However, in certain situations, they fail to protect your belongings from such accidents. Your hard case motorcycle bags are prone to dent, twist and mangle if your motorbike either impacts the ground or snags a tree in a narrow lane. Apart from damaging the latch, the impact can also bend the lid hinge and stop it from proper sealing in future.

This is where heavy-duty soft bags come into existence. These bags are much more structural-damage resistant than the hard bags and are long-lasting. While there’s a chance that the soft bag material can tear when you are at top speed or if you are carrying a sharp object inside it, it is still the best choice.

See if You Can Access Your Motorcycle Bag Easily

Motorcycle soft riding bags can help you to locate things easily. Besides, you can also access all your content without much hassle. More so, if you can pack the soft bags with only the essentials you can find things more easily as well. Take some time out in placing the heaviest items at the low and important things at the top, so you don’t face difficulties in finding them or accessing them during your ride.

You Should Be Able to Install the Motorcycle Bags with Ease

Irrespective of what bag you are carrying, you should be able to install them without much effort. Look for bags that you can easily mount without having to look into the manufacturer’s manual. Also, you shouldn’t have to use tools to mount or attach the bags to the bike. You must be able to install them within a few minutes. 

The last point which you shouldn’t be missing out on is the bag’s compatibility. Always go for a motorcycle riding bag that runs compatible with almost all types of bike models. There are various kinds of motorcycle riding bags and each of them has its set of benefits. There is no right or wrong in choosing any of these bags. However, you must consider your needs, the storage requirement, ease of access and durability when picking the right one. 

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