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latest EPSRC PHD Scholarships in 2023 There has been a rise in the use of dynamic data sets, where each element of the data has a distinct timestamp. Using algorithms for drawing temporal networks inside the space-time cube (2D + t), dynamic graphs can now be seen in an event-based manner. It is difficult to navigate through three-dimensional images of non-spatial data. Interactive systems are necessary to fully understand the graph structure and how it evolves over time.

in 2023, NEW EPSRC DTP PHD Scholarships The student will research the best ways to perceptually partition and visualise the space-time cube. We first show the contents of this space-time cube using an embedded network drawn by an event-based dynamic graph drawing method. In this case, emphasis will be added using visualisation techniques.


An EPSRC DTP PhD grant provides full funding for computer science AI-based crop detection using spectral remote sensing images (RS187)
It must be completed by January 18, 2023.
If you desire to apply, please fill out the following information on your online application:
Please select April as your start date for the course Computer Science, PhD, Full-time, 3 Years.

Finding viable answers to the challenging dynamic land use and land cover mapping problems has been made easier by the availability of free satellite images with medium to high spatial resolution. This research aims to develop new AI mapping and crop detection techniques.

Crop detection is the first step in AI-based time series analysis, which promises to give the fundamental information for many socioeconomic applications. Agriculture production and planning are some examples.

The first phase in AI-based time series analysis, which aims to provide foundational data for numerous socio-economic applications, is crop detection. Examples include agricultural planning and yield estimation, change monitoring, supply chain management and food security, and strategies for combating climate change such crop rotation, insurance, and fertiliser services. in 2023, NEW EPSRC DTP PHD Scholarships

A fundamental barrier to crop recognition is the lack of real-world data. That describes the majority of time-series analyses of historical data. However, crop-specific changes in visual and chemical properties can be seen over the course of a year in spectral satellite photos. Therefore, the aim of this study is to develop effective spectral band-based AI algorithms for crop detection. This is achieved by firstly recognising.

International students can apply for the Fully Funded Epsrc PhD Scholarship for 2022–2023 now. The scholarship enables Swansea University to offer PhD-level programmes in the field of biomedical engineering.latest EPSRC PHD Scholarships in 2023

We are searching for individuals who are dedicated to transforming the world through top-tier research that focuses on enhancing human potential through the use of data-driven and intelligence-enabled systems. An integrated Masters is part of the 4-year program.

Successful candidates will use a people-first mindset to drive thrilling, daring, and significant scientific breakthroughs while collaborating with a rich and diverse range of industrial, public, and third sector partners, such as Facebook, Tata, Ordnance Survey, Amicus Therapeutics, NHS, and Google.

The £32.5 million state-of-the-art Computational Foundry at Swansea University is home to the Centre, which is supported by the EPSRC, the top science and engineering funding agency in the UK. Multidisciplinary mentors who are at the forefront of research in computer science, mathematics, engineering, management, medicine and social care, and law will support members of our centre.latest EPSRC PHD Scholarships in 2023

Candidates should be capable and talented in computational methods and reasoning, including the desire to learn how to develop software. While such skill might be demonstrated .latest EPSRC PHD Scholarships in 2023

Future AI and big data technologies will need to be developed and evaluated by as many different and wide-ranging viewpoints as possible in order to serve society and the economy successfully. For this reason, we encourage anybody who believes they can contribute to the mission of the Centre to apply.

latest EPSRC PHD Scholarships in 2023 This year, there are 11 places that are fully funded (fees plus a maintenance stipend set at the UKRI rate, which is currently £17,668 per year for full-time students in 2022–2023 and is adjusted annually). Additionally, there are spaces available for people who receive four-year external funding.

Studentships with CDT are extremely competitive. Candidates should be capable and talented in computational methods and reasoning, including the desire to learn how to develop software. We are creating a community that strives to have a high degree of diversity of viewpoints, even though such aptitude may be demonstrated by a degree in computer science, engineering, or mathematics. So please feel encouraged to apply if you have a background in the arts and humanities, social sciences, law, management, etc. A 2.1 undergraduate degree or an equivalent recognised by Swansea University is the minimal entrance criterion.

Eligibility latest EPSRC PHD Scholarships in 2023

latest EPSRC PHD Scholarships in 2023 Candidates normally need to hold a master’s degree in the relevant discipline with a minimum overall GPA of “Merit” and a 2.1 level undergraduate degree in computer science, mathematics, or a closely related field.


latest EPSRC PHD Scholarships in 2023 This scholarship covers all of the tuition costs in the UK as well as a stipend of £17,668 per year.b

Additional research expenses will also be paid.latest EPSRC PHD Scholarships in 2023


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latest EPSRC PHD Scholarships in 2023

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