How to Record A Part of Screen on Windows?

Are you looking to use the screen recorder on your PC? Maybe you are a remote worker and need to record your desktop for an upcoming presentation. You’re a YouTuber creating an instructional video or just a regular person who would like to share a great video on YouTube with your family and colleagues. Microsoft Windows includes the ability to record your screen activities, and third-party software for screen capture can assist you in this endeavor. Here are a few tips to help you get going.

Xbox Game Bar

Game Bar is a function of Windows 10 that allows you to record games played on your PC or stream via your Xbox console. It is a simple way to collect screen activity from other applications. To activate Xbox Game Bar, go to Settings > Gaming Xbox Game Bar, navigate Settings > Gaming > Xbox Game Bar, and turn on the Enable Xbox Game Bar switch.

You can also alter the keyboard shortcuts to open the Game Bar or take a snapshot and make a video using the screen. You can also turn on your Game Bar by pressing the Xbox button on your Xbox controller when connected to your computer.

You can record your activities in all programs and windows with the software. To launch Game Bar, go to the screen you wish to record and press Windows + the G. The screen will appear. You will find numerous Game Bar widgets with buttons to capture screenshots, take audio and video, and broadcast screen activities.

To start recording the screen activity, press the Start Recording button or use Windows + Alt + R as a keyboard shortcut. Then you can record whatever screen actions you want to record. Game Bar widgets disappear after you click on the screen. Game Bar widgets disappear once you hit the screen. They are replaced by the floating bar on the screen’s upper-right, which lets you alter the recording.

Press the Recording button on the floating bar to stop the recording. After the recording has been completed, you’ll get a confirmation that your game’s video was recorded. To view the film in the Game Bar, click the notification. To play the video, press the play button.

You can also view and play your video from its default location: C:\Users\username\Videos\Captures. Videos will then be saved in an MP4 file that you can share anytime you like.

If you click Settings under Gaming and Captures, you will be able to alter your game Bar. You can change the default file location to store your films and allow background recording to capture actions after the fact. Decide to record video and audio and switch in frame rates between 30, 60, or 30 frames. You can find the settings here.

iTop Screen Recorder

of Screen Recorder can be described as a cost-free and simple Windows application that can record your desktop activities. It lets you capture webcams, video as well as audio, as well as save screen images. You can export them into MP4, AVI, FLV MKV, MOV, and other popular formats. The program allows you to upload your videos on YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo. The program does not have limitations on time, so you can make for as long as you like and create any video for no cost.

The program uses GPU acceleration to help make the recording process run as smoothly as possible. Videos are recorded at the most efficient frame rate available, and the video output is of the best quality possible. Here’s how you can utilize it.

  1. Visit the official iTop site for downloads and installation of the software. Upgrade to the Pro edition and remove the screen Recorderwatermark, and gain access to your GPU speed recording.
  2. Launch the program, select the screen area you wish to record, and then click the REC button on the screen. You can draw over your recording and highlight it, and even take screenshots during the recording.
  3. Use the Microphone, Speaker Webcam, Mouse, and Speaker buttons to add sounds and your face into your video. Webcam videos can be recorded, microphone audio, and system audio with the iTop Screen Recorder.
  4. To stop the recording, use the Stop button, or press an appropriate hotkey. On the My Creations tab, you can cut the video down and add music, subtitles, or filters to your footage and save it in any compatible format.

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