If you’ve ever seen a hardwood floor get wet, you probably already parkett know the disastrous effects water can have on hardwood floors. Wood naturally absorbs water. When installing hardwoods on a concrete slab or in a basement, there is enough moisture in the air to damage the floors. Not only is the finish ruined, but as the moisture dries, you’ll see gaps between the planks as the floor contracts in winter. Humidity in the summer months can cause the floor to buckle or buckle.

Okay, you’ve already learned two things about hardwood floors. They know they should never be laid in damp places and need room to expand and contract. There’s a lot more you need to know before you can make informed decisions about using solid wood flooring in your own home. For starters, the woods used in most hardwood floors are maple, red oak, ash, or white oak for their durable qualities.

You will find that hardwood floors fall into three different groups. Here’s what you’ll see when you go to the store:

  • Strip Flooring – This flooring is 5/16″ to 3/4″ thick and available in 1 1/2″, 2″ and 2 1/4″ widths.
  • Plank Flooring – Planks are available in two thicknesses and in a variety of widths ranging from three to eight inches.
  • Parquet floors – Unlike the other two types, parquet floors are made of wooden slats that are laid in patterns.

You will find that a hand-scraped hardwood floor may or may not have been hand-crafted. The authentic floors are beautiful and extremely rich and look unique. They are also very expensive. They are ideal when used in decor such as the modern world or in a situation where you want to use old reclaimed wood. When you buy hand scraped floors, make sure you get what you paid for. The authentic flooring is made by hand, but technical versions have also appeared on the market.

Because hand-scraped solid wood floors are so expensive, manufacturing companies have come out with their own versions known as distressed floors. Although these floors have attempted to duplicate the unique markings of the originals, they have failed in this area. However, if you don’t want to pay the price for real hand-scraped floors, distressed floors are an excellent substitute.

Maintenance of solid wood floors

To clean your solid wood floors, you may only use the cleaning agents recommended by the manufacturer. Wooden floors can also be vacuumed, removing any dirt, mud, sand or small stones that may have gotten into it. To keep this to a minimum, install good-quality floor mats on every door so people can wipe their feet before coming in. Also, be mindful of the pieces of furniture you buy, as some furniture has legs that will scratch the floor .

Furniture coasters or other protections must be used under the furniture legs so they do not damage your hardwood floor. You’ll also need wide rubber feet that are made for large, heavy pieces of furniture like pianos. Never use paste wax on hardwood as it will do more damage. And if you spill something on the floor, wipe it up immediately with a soft cloth. You will find that hardwood floors need a little maintenance to keep them looking beautiful, but think about how amazing they will look in your home.

Home Decorating Tips: Fun flooring ideas

With the wide range of floor coverings available today, your head is likely to be spinning every time you think about buying a new floor. At the same time, it also means that you can find the perfect floor idea for your home or office/workplace. You can choose from wood or wood laminate, ceramic tile, slate/stone, vinyl flooring, carpet, stone and marble etc.

And then there are the subcategories: if you choose wood, what should it be, maple, oak, pine or teak? Do you like black, white, Connemara, rough finish or polished marble? Of course, a lot depends on your budget and individual tastes, but here is a ready-made guide to the broad categories of flooring available on the market:


Unless you can lay a solid wood floor, wood laminates are a good substitute. They come in as many colors and types as wood and in just as many styles, but the way they are constructed makes them more durable and withstands moisture and traffic better than wood. This makes it an excellent floor idea for the bathroom


Linoleum, the flooring of the disco era, is on the decline. Linoleum is an all-natural flooring material made from linseed oil, cork, stone and natural resins that comes in a variety of colors and patterns to be as durable as possible. In addition, exposure to the sun, which bleaches most other floor materials, actually makes the colors in a linoleum floor more saturated. So you have a floor covering that is easy to maintain, wears very well and lasts forever

Vinyl tiles:

Perfect flooring idea for kitchens, bathrooms and family rooms. Inexpensive, easy to install and available in a wide range of colors and patterns, vinyl tile also wears well and is easy to maintain

Ceramic tiles:

Ceramic tiles are no longer limited to bathrooms, but are now available in rich hues and include a range of patterns that are not difficult to incorporate on any other material. They can still make for great bathroom flooring ideas, but they’re by no means out of place in the kitchen, on the patio or by the pool

Slabs of slate:

Slate looks like stone – well, it is stone – but has a parkettboden number of advantages over stone floors. For one, its smooth surface holds a glossy finish well and is comfortable underfoot. Plus, it comes in its natural colors and is a great natural floor idea

Wooden floor:

Proven, beautiful and stylish wooden floors suit any interior. In addition, a wooden floor lasts a lifetime with the right care and offers you numerous floor ideas thanks to its variety of patterns

Parquet floor:

This is a particularly elegant and stylish floor idea. Different colors, types or types of wood are cut and stained and assembled into a pattern. The pattern can be continuous, or it can be used to accentuate an edge, corner or center of the floor

Stone floors:

Marble, slate, limestone and travertine are increasingly popular flooring ideas. Marble is of course particularly popular in public buildings


Wall to wall carpets will always be in fashion. Modern choices include natural wool or cotton, acrylic, olefin, and nylon, as well as jute and other natural fibers


Floor and carpets can brighten up a dark room. Depending on the color and style, they can also add a touch of luxury or elegance. They go particularly well with wooden and stone floors

Tips before buying your flooring

  • Draw an outline of the room or rooms. Indicate where the inputs are placed
  • Measure the room accurately with a tape measure and note its width and length. Keep in mind that smaller print patterns can make the room appear much larger
  • Consider adjoining rooms and their floor coverings and be sure to match the new floor covering with the old
  • If there is too much natural light entering the room, you might consider laminate flooring and vinyl, ceramic, or porcelain tile
  • Match the color and style of your flooring to your furniture, curtains and wallpaper
  • The foot traffic a room gets should dictate your flooring idea. A high-traffic room needs a hard-wearing floor covering
  • Likewise, a space used primarily for recreational activities can accommodate relatively delicate floor materials
  • Remember that pets can damage the flooring. So keep in mind that the number of children in the house also affects the flooring
  • Lighter colors make rooms appear larger
  • How much does the new floor cost? Is the subfloor preparation part of the offer price? Does the quoted price also include installation? Make sure all required materials are included in the listed price

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