Home Décor Tips with Grey Carpets

Grey is a cold, neutral, and balanced colour. It shows no emotions and is associated with formal ,conservative and sophisticated looks. So do grey carpets look like; they are an excellent choice if you are not sure what colour of carpet or rug will go well against your interior. 

They are an equally excellent choice for bedroom living room hallways, dining rooms and even Sunrooms. There are various Shades of Grey which help you to go with a dark shade to make the place appear cosy and warm and how to choose a light tone to make the room appear spacious, brighter and airy.

So, of course, the decision is based on your personal preference ,but we guarantee that you will end up with an excellent over or look no matter which shade of Grey you go for. In this article, we have rounded up a few instructions to help you design your home with grey carpets like a pro.

Let’s Begin With The Tone For Grey Carpets

Stated earlier ,there exist a wide range of gracious including fog, metal, mushroom, Mouse, slate, shark, charcoal, dark, and graphite grey colour. All these colours are available when it comes to the carpet so it is very likely that you will find a white range belonging to this specific colour while making the purchase. 

To narrow down the available choices you should use the existing features of your room to which you are going to add this carpet or Rug. These features include paint wall decoration curtains and other furniture accessories but always remember to buy the colour that belongs to the same family as other items in your room so that everything looks organised. 

For example, if you want your furniture to come , the focal point of your place always goes for a lighter grey colour like fog or mushroom. If you have a red sofa and grey walls or dark coloured furniture always choose charcoal grey vintage carpet

On the other hand if you want the rug to become the focal point pick a darker colour so that it overpowers the surrounding features and easily grabs the attention of the viewer. If your room is small and does not get enough natural light a light coloured carpet will add more accent to the interior, making the place appear lighter and brighter.

Wall Colours

Grey colour is very versatile & it can be matched with many different ones. Whether it is a lighter or even darker shade, there are quite a few options available for you when it comes to choosing the wall paint against grey carpets. 

Some of these options include having one accent wall, maybe behind the sofa in the living room, or the one behind the bed in a bedroom, with the rest of the walls a creamy white.  Some other options include having all the walls in the same colour.

To add an earthy touch, one accent wall of french grey or maroon, the rest in light brown hue are the best available option. And finally, for a mysterious look, black walls with a French grey accent wall combined with a dolphin or slate grey carpet is an excellent choice. 

Final Statement

This brings us to the end of our article, many tips related to wall paint & carpet color are discussed above to help you decorate your place according to the latest trends. 

But remember, your personal preference is above all the recommendations discussed. So, always opt for the one you feel satisfied with instead of running the trend’s race.

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