Hampta Pass Trek: Complete Travel Guide


It is the Hampta Pass journey that connects the enchanting areas of Kullu and Lahaul and is a well-loved route for pedestrians. The trek begins in Manali and leads through a variety of remote towns, with dazzling decorations that will entice visitors. The walk is enchanting due to the heavenly beauty of nature as well as the sights of unusual Himalayan catcalls as well as foliage that is like orchids. Beginning at the base in Manali the trek will take you through stunning glaciers and alpine woods towards The Hampta Pass and the magical Chandratal Lake. This thrilling trek provides stunning views of catcalls, beautiful flowers, and stunning d├ęcors together with gem-bearing homes, pine trees glacial basins, conduits and sprawling paddocks. The Starter’s Hampta for an unforgettable hiking experience.

How do I reach

It is a must-do. Hampta Pass trek is an absolute must for all those who love adventures. The trek begins at Manali’s start point. You can fly into Bhuntar Airport, 52 kilometres from Manali and then use a common hack to reach your dream destination. Major metropolises similar to New Delhi and Chandigarh are well connected to the BhuntarAirport.However, the scenic winding roads that lead to Manali from Delhi would take you 12-14 hours, If you choose to go by vehicle. A variety of Volvo, as well as luxury vehicles, travel between these routes every day. While motorcars and breakouts are the most accessible options to get to your dream destination, the closest station on the road can be found at Joginder Nagar Station, 166 kilometres away from Manali. This exciting excursion is a must for all who is a fans of adventures. The tour begins at the beginning point.

Base camp

The incredible journey begins in Manali and takes you through many attractive landscapes before reaching the mysterious Balu Ka Ghera. It is believed to be the area where brown bears stay in hibernation during the daytime. Due to the isolated beach and the dust that accumulates in the area, it’s referred to as the Stacks of Sand. At an altitude of bases, Balu Ka Ghera provides an early glimpse of the Dhauladhar ranges. This is your trip’s base camp since it’s here that you’ll traverse the Hampta Pass and arrive at Chandratal Lake. This location will delight you with its attractive offerings such as stunning gravestone islands along with nippy-fluid-aqueducts as well as the natural beauty of the flowers. The simple beach area makes ideal camping grounds.

The most fashionable season to go

The misty rain with mountains that are snow-free in this region of altitude, situated within Himachal Pradesh’s Himalayan ranges, permits the generally cool weather throughout the year. The months of June through September are the most ideal time for this tour because the rainfall is perfect for touring at high altitudes. While hiking is feasible in other seasons, it’s not advised due to the unpredictable and unpredictable rain. In the summer temperatures fall below freezing, which makes the hike a perfect experience for those who walk. With milder temperatures between June through September can be a joy for those who walk. The misty, chilly rain coupled with snow-free mountains in this region of altitude that is located inside Himachal Pradesh’s Himalayan ranges, ensures a generally cool climate all the time.

About the locals

The inhabitants in Himachal Pradesh, especially Manali which is home to the homes in India’s heavens are modest and ignorant in their daily lives. Their wonderful, artistic and social life is represented in their traditional traditions and history because they’re mostly farmers and craftsmen. It’s an image of moral ethics, customs, testaments, and profound respect for the land and its creation. Handlooms that are vibrant and artistic designs can be planted and there is a great appreciation by the locals of tourists who contribute to the tradition of frugality by travelling. People living in Himachal Pradesh, specifically Manali living amid India’s paradise are humble and unassuming in their lifestyles.

Elevation Point

This amazing tour offers breathtaking panoramas of Hampta Pass and Chandratal Lake. The journey begins at Manali at 2050m, you’ll take the road to Jobri and then take one into Chika located at 3100m. The trip will take the way to your Base Camp at 3600 meters, Balu Ka Ghera. You will trek through to the Hampta Pass, which sits at an incredible elevation of 4268 metres, and then on to Siagoru at 4000 meters and all the while admiring the stunning scenery. After crossing Chatru at 3100m, you’ll arrive at the stunning Chandratal Lake, 4270 meters. This incredible tour adventure provides breathtaking panoramas of Hampta Pass and Chandratal Lake.

Plan of the route for the Trek

Day 1: Travel From Manali to Jobri and then drive to Jobri to Chika

Day 2 Day 2: Trek to Chika up to Balu Ka Ghera

Day 3: Balu Ka Ghera – Hampta Pass – Siagoru Trek

Day 4 The Siaguru Trek to Chatru Trek

Day 5: Chatru – Chandratal Lake – Manali

Tips and Tips and

  • Hydrate two days before your hike. You’ll need to consume three times the vital water to prevent dehumidification.
  • Select a pair of shoes that are one-half size larger than your normal size. You may be uncomfortable if you choose a size that’s one size smaller than your actual size. There’s a possibility of painful fritters as well as pocks at the end of your walk. It is possible to avoid pocks by wearing two socks: a lightweight nylon sock at first, followed by heavy Turkish socks.
  • But, be sure to have plenty of plastic bags that are leakproof to secure them when you carry phones or cameras.

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