Google confirms indexing problem

Google has confirmed, as of July 15, that there is a problem with its search index that is affecting a significant number of websites. The underlying reason is a mystery.

It would appear that the problem has been fixed at this point because new content is getting indexed. This is a report that we just recently published, within the past hour, regarding a defect in Google Ads that the search engine was able to index without any issues.

How Many Sites Are Affected, and to What Extent Is It Affecting Them?

It appears that only newly published content is being affected by the ongoing problem with Google’s search index today.

Even if you post brand new content today, there is a good chance that it won’t get indexed until the issue is resolved.

You can verify this information for yourself by conducting a search with the’site:’ prefix and then narrowing the results to those from the most recent day or hour.

It is unknown when the problem first emerged; but, based on the time that fresh content was last indexed, we are able to zero in on a four-hour timeframe as a likely candidate for its onset. This indicates that Google ads management service most likely ceased indexing new pages at approximately seven in the morning Eastern time.

Concerning the number of locations that are affected by the problem, as far as we are aware, it affects each and every one of them. Or at the very least all websites that are now publishing fresh content.

You have absolutely nothing to worry about if you have not added any new pages to your website and do not intend to do so in the near future.

These indexing problems, which are hurting new content, have occurred in the past, and the past demonstrates that they do not effect previously published information.

Will This Affect How My Search Results Appear?

When people hear about troubles with Google ads service, their biggest concern is how those disruptions may affect their search ranks.

This problem is specific to indexing, and not ranking at all, as far as I can see. This problem will not have an impact on the rankings of existing content in Google Search.

Since new information is not being indexed, it will not have the opportunity to rank in search results; however, this situation is only temporary until Google fixes the issue.

Will My Content, Eventually, Make It Into the Index?

It is hard to predict whether or not the content that you submit today will eventually be indexed by Google because Google does not guarantee that it will index all content, even when its systems are operating normally.

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