WordPress Design Services, Features, and Examples

The boom in WordPress websites came long ago, and the reason is its feasibility. Anyone can create their own WordPress website and customize it too. But, if you’re already in business, it can be a typical task to customize it. Moreover, learning to customize or design a website is more complicated. That’s why demand for WordPress design services is rising and so is competition. 

Don’t worry! To make it simple to find custom WordPress design services, we bring you this blog. It includes a brief explanation of their services and some examples of popular WordPress companies in the industry.

What Exactly Do WordPress Design Services Do?

In general, WordPress design services work with various technologies and experts. They help you build a website of your choice. While you can use the template themes and plugins, if you want to do something extra or ordinary, you’ll need expert assistance. 

Here’s a glance at the significant services they offer: 

  1. Website Development: WordPress design services build new websites and revamp existing ones. It depends on the needs and demands of the website owner.
  2. Website Design: Designing is the process of adding aesthetics to the website, changing the interface, and giving it an appealing look. Its entire focus is on making the user interface more friendly and attractive. 
  3. Hosting, Integration, and Migration: These are the operations that need to be performed in many cases, such as when you’re migrating to another platform. Then, you’ll need to migrate the entire database to another website. But, it’s a tricky task, so expert assistance is required. Similarly, for setting up hosting or for necessary integrations, you may need to hire a WordPress agency.
  4. Server and Website Management: Like other websites, WordPress sites can also go down due to various issues. Here comes the role of an agency that detects and fixes issues. Besides that, it also performs other important tasks such as regular updates, website backup, checking for bugs/conflicts, security checks, etc. 
  5. Plugin and App Development: Existing WordPress plugins can only be used but not modified as per your choice. However, custom WordPress design services offer this feature. You can customize the plugin. 
  6. Consulting and Marketing Services: Some WordPress agencies go an extra step and offer to consult and marketing services. 

List of the Popular WordPress Design Services

An ideal WordPress design agency will ask you for your goals and requirements. Only after understanding you and your business will they customize the website. Here are some agencies that function in the same way. You may visit their website and contact them or use the above points to look for an agency other than that mentioned here. 

1. WordPressupport.co

WordPresssupport.co is a renowned name in WordPress website development and designing. They offer quality services and are available to assist their clients 24×7. If you are looking for an agency that caters to your website security and bestows end-to-end development, this is what you need.

They have expertise in managing WordPress plugins, WP setup & installation, WordPress security, backup, updates, speed customization, and offer round-the-clock support. In addition to that, you can also enjoy Woocommerce support that too at an affordable price

2. Vipe studio

Vipe studio provides full-stack WordPress development. They have hands-on experience in customizing websites and implementing trendy features. 

You can enjoy several services such as speed optimization to themes, plugins, website customization, and website building from scratch.

3. WPRiders

WPRiders have experience working for and with brands. Therefore, it is crystal clear that they are good at handling digital platforms and WordPress websites. 

They offer vital services in WordPress that include website development, custom plugins, content protection, eCommerce website building, and others. They work with a huge team and have accompanied over 500 SMEs to launch their websites.

4. DevriX

DevriX is a popular WordPress agency that has expertise in handling large WordPress websites. It has a rating of 4.8 on clutch.co for its services. The company has built and is managing over 900M monthly page views.

It offers various services that include WordPress Development Retainers, enterprise WordPress development, Web design, Digital strategy, and Saas and Platform development.

Final Words:

We hope this guide helps you gain insight into WordPress design services and understand their work. The above-mentioned are common features that any ideal agency will provide you with. However, there are plenty of other options available on the internet. But, we will recommend that you visit their website, check their authenticity, and contact them. If you liked this post, please share your valuable comments.

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