Aging is a natural process and one thing that we cannot change. With the passing years, everyone gets visible lines on their face. It is normal and natural for our face to lose some youthful glow. Our skin becomes thinner and drier because the capacity for natural oil production by the skin diminishes. Collagen production is reduced, leading to visible lines and wrinkles on your face.

While there may be a wide range of synthetic products available to assist with anti-ageing, opting for an essential oil can add a lot of benefits along with the aging concern. Essential oils help to hold the moisture in the skin and prevent it from leaking out. This oil helps in boosting the collagen level and fine lines reduction and gives firm and tighter skin. In this blog, we will be discussing which are the best essential oils for anti aging, why you should opt for essential oil supplier usa and how to use them.

Best Essential Oils for Anti-Aging 


The essential oil of lavender has been used for its relaxing fragrance and other medicinal purposes for a very long time. lavender essential oil has a good amount of antioxidants and anti-microbial properties. It helps in decreasing breakouts and soothe the skin. The free radicals which cause oxidative damage resulting in skin aging, are also tackled by Lavender essential oil.


Sandalwood oil is a therapeutic agent as it has anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. It gives a natural radiance to your skin and fights breakouts and oxidative damage. It removes dead skin cells and increases new cells on the skin surface that smoothen the fine lines and wrinkles; thus gives hydration and makes the skin look plumped up and fresh.


Rose is known for its wonderful smell, and also, you have heard about rose water having many benefits for your skin. Rose oil also has several skincare benefits. It makes your skin supple and hydrated as it is very moisturizing. It locks up the moisture in your skin, making it tight and firm. The hydrated and plumped-up skin makes your skin look youthful. Rose is a kind of best friend in adding up your skincare routine. 


Lemon is rich in vitamin C and is among the most popular essential oils for anti-aging. Lemon essential oil helps reduce dark spots, and consuming lemons help the person to build up their immune system. This oil prevents damage to your skin and helps reduce signs of aging and wrinkles, as lemon oil can prevent the damage on the skin caused by oxidation.


Clary sage is a sweet smelling herb which is known for its antioxidant properties. Free radicals are believed to cause damage to your skin as they break down collagen, and this oil can help fight it, giving you youthful and glowing skin. It is helpful for both dry skin and oily skin. The oil from clary sage also has anti-microbial properties and is helpful in healing wounds and treating acne.

Some other essential oils which are good for anti-aging include lavender oil, Frankincense oil, Rosemary oil and cashew oil. These essential oils will not only help you with anti-aging but also provide numerous skin benefits.

Things to consider before choosing your essential oil:

The first thing to consider is selecting the suitability of essential oil. Make sure that it suits your skin type. After choosing your essential oil, you must choose a carrier oil. Essential oils are in concentrated form, and can irritate if applied directly. So, before applying it to your skin, you have to make it in a dilute form. Choose a carrier oil such as coconut oil to have a diluted version of the essential oil to apply on your face. 

Some people have sensitive skin and may react to essential oils; though essential oil is derived from natural sources, it should not cause severe effects on your skin. Make sure you do a patch test of the essential oil and carrier oil blend.


Aging is a natural process, but premature aging is a concern. An essential oil is a natural alternative to anti-aging creams, as it is very effective. You can choose your essential oil from the essential oils mentioned in this article which can reduce the lines and wrinkles on your face. In addition to anti-aging, they can provide many other skin healing benefits to your skin. Make sure to do a patch test, and if you are confused about choosing an essential oil, then do not hesitate to consult your dermatologist; they will help you choose the best work for you.

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