Does swimming make you lose weight? 6 reasons to include activity in your routine

Does swimming make you lose weight ? Perhaps because it seems like a lighter activity and performed in the water, where the perception of sweat is more difficult to identify, it is common for some people to have this doubt. However, as we have already seen here, any physical activity has the ability to promote caloric expenditure. And it is this loss that, along with a controlled diet, will determine whether or not you will lose weight with lifeguard course near me.

It all depends on spending more than you eat. However, it is clear that betting on an activity that consumes a lot of calories will accelerate this process. To find out if swimming makes you lose weight and learn about several other benefits of this physical activity, we asked for help from physical education professional . She helped us sort out six reasons to jump into the sport

1 – Swimming loses weight yes

According to the expert, an hour of swimming can burn approximately 600 calories. However, it all depends on the intensity and level of the student. And that number can vary, both up and down. In addition, people who start any type of physical activity with the aim of losing weight, need to remember that food is also fundamental. It’s no use playing sports every day and eating uncontrollably.

2 – Improve joint health

If you experience frequent pain in your elbows, hips, knees and ankles, swimming can be a solution. Of course, before anything else, the ideal is to seek medical help to investigate the problems. However, sport can also collaborate. “Because it is an activity that reduces the action of gravity on the practitioner, swimming does not cause joint impact and can also help in the treatment of injuries.

3 – Anyone can practice

Swimming is a totally democratic sport. Functional and fun for men and women; children, youth, adults and seniors. “Swimming is suitable for all types of public. It is usually a pleasurable activity and can even be challenging, if the person is afraid of the water or has some kind of restriction”, says the specialist.

4 – Strengthens muscles and decreases water retention

Just repair. Professional swimmers, who appear on television during the Olympics, for example, tend to have broad shoulders and strong arms. It is clear that an amateur practitioner of the modality will not have the same conditioning as a high-level athlete. However, it is undeniable that sport works the muscles well and strengthens the body. “Water, by itself, already makes a ‘drainage’ in the swimmer, helping those who have fluid retention.

5 – Swimming improves posture and helps treat back pain

Constant, correct and medically approved practice can help treat back pain. In addition to promoting the strengthening of the core muscles, responsible for supporting the body. “The horizontal position during the practice of swimming provides the lubrication of the intervertebral discs, helping in the recovery and relaxation of this structure”, says the teacher.

6 – Improves flexibility

The constant movements of the legs, strokes and strokes that swimming forces its practitioners to perform can also improve people’s flexibility. “The improvement in the technique of the strokes is also directly linked to the greatest possible stretching during the performance of the swim.

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