Are you and your partner working and having trouble finding the best babysitter for your kid? Finding a nanny that meets your needs and who you can entrust with your child without anxiety may be difficult, and we are aware of that. Many reputable firms have emerged in a large metropolis like Dubai to provide you with a babysitter or babysitter at home. You can approach them to babysit in home nurseries, but how you choose a babysitter Dubai during the interview is invaluable. Here are some important elements to look into before hiring a nanny. We are sure that the advice below will significantly help you find the right babysitter/nanny for your child.

Babysitting & hygiene 

Health and hygiene are the most crucial factors in newborn care. Check thoroughly with your babysitter to see what practices she would put in place to ensure the highest level of hygiene for your child. Ask her questions about the grooming process, bathing, poop training, etc.

Child personality development course

Most home sitters have received child psychology, personality, and brain development training before applying for a nanny job through an agency. Still, you must check her training certificates and ask if she understands the different stages of child development? A preschooler will have some additional requirements than a toddler—behavior changes at a rapid pace for children of all ages. So your babysitter needs to be well versed in behavior management tips. According to a few basic rules of child behavior management, no one watching children at home should use swear words or resort to physical violence to make the child behave. You should discuss these issues before hiring a nanny. Also, ask her about the different types of games she recommends your child play to help with learning and brain development.

Bossy babysitter

Getting children to listen to the babysitter can be a big challenge. She can’t be bossy, but she can’t handle your child. Ask her how she would like to connect with the baby. What is her technique for giving and getting your child’s attention? Ask her to role-play during the conversation. Where you can pretend you are a child and let her ask you a few questions and see if that can get your child interested in listening to her.

Babysitting of siblings

If you require baby sitting in Dubai for siblings, make sure your babysitter knows the following rules. Your nanny should keep a close eye on your siblings, but at the same time, she shouldn’t be so pushy that she doesn’t give them any space to do their own thing. She should always encourage joint activities between siblings to spend quality time together.

She should try to instill in the older sibling that she is the authority in the absence of the parents, and she should make him feel responsible for the younger sibling.

The nanny’s behavior with the parents

A nanny with dual roles is the best candidate. While she should be able to quickly establish a rapport with your child, whether it is by making silly faces with crayons or dressing up in costumes that make him giggle, she should also exhibit the needed maturity and decency. Therefore, you want to watch for these traits in your nanny.

 A meeting with your child!

With some background on nanny-type questions and expectations from her, you now need to select a few candidates to babysit your child. Remember, try to pay the nanny a decent salary and don’t negotiate the salary because you consider it a significant job, something that can determine your child’s future. So, it is always better to go with the fixed rate in Dubai nurseries for deciding the wages. You can also check the salaries of your family or friends who have employed a professionally trained nanny. Now that you’ve selected a few sitters, set up a meeting with your child to see how the two get along. Can your babysitter make an impression on your child at the first meeting? Can it capture your child’s attention? Whatever you know about the theory, you will see it works for your child. We encourage you to decide at this stage to employ a nanny based on your liking and fit for your child’s role, and you will have an enjoyable and rewarding parenting experience.

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