Choose the style of home decor

As mentioned before, choosing the style of furniture is of great importance in order to create beautiful environments, but also harmonious and livable. In particular, the most common mistakes when you don’t think about a specific genre are:

  • furnish each room with a different style;
  • without logic mixing diametrically opposed furnishings and styles in a disharmonious way;
  • create environments that have no identity.
  • The secret is to choose the right coop, and personalize it using furnishings, lights, colors, materials, but also modulating it according to your needs, your taste, the architecture of the space.

Furnish the rooms of the house

Discover all the tips from professionals to furnish all rooms in the home in a few steps, using furniture, accessories and ad hoc tricks beyond the chosen style.

Furnish the entrance to the house:

The entrance to the house will be a bit like your business card, that is the means to inebriate the guest with the atmosphere that will then be breathed in the rest of the house.
Not only that, the entrance has a wild role, it is in fact a corner that you have to make the most of and that can make you gain space in the other rooms of the house as well.

In furnishing the entrance to the house, for example, using a dedicated piece of furniture you can better arrange the coats and bags you are using in this period, without constipating the bedroom and also from a hygienic point of view it is preferable.

Obviously, use only furnishings that are proportional to the space available and if you do not have a large size, do not leave the walls empty. For example, use a mini console, or just single wall hanger knobs, a spotlight or wall lamp, an umbrella stand, a wall mirror or a shelf with a pocket emptier and key holder.

Furnish the living room at home:

The living room is one of the most convivial rooms in the house, we could indeed define it as the fulcrum of the home.

In order for the room, beyond its style, size and layout, to be welcoming and functional, you will need to include: a proportioned sofa, any additional armchairs and / or poufs, an equipped wall for the TV or a dedicated piece of furniture; particular attention must be dedicated to the study of lighting which must be both functional and scenographic at the same time.

The dining area will be furnished with a table of adequate size, chairs with a comfortable seat and a sideboard that guarantees good containment.

To furnish the living room you can decide to divide the functional areas ideally, that is the sitting area from the dining area; for example, you can choose to use a rug that delimits the TV-sofa area in a certain sense or choose a bookcase that becomes a divider between it and the dining area.

Furnish the kitchen:

Another central and important area, as well as distinctive of the house, is the kitchen. This will be chosen based on the space available and much more accurately than other furniture because everything must be well calibrated and within reach, functional and usable to the maximum. Can I Paint Black Plumbing Plastic Tubes

In general, the kitchens have modules of almost standard sizes, but it is also possible to be guided by an architect to design the kitchen and find the most suitable solution by exploiting every available centimeter in the best way.

It will also be important to combine the right accessories such as chairs, small appliances to be left exposed, large built-in or freestanding ones in order to be able to use the kitchen with great satisfaction every day.

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