Benefits of Swimming for Men

Whether to lose weight, to define the muscles or even as an instrument to promote a healthier life, swimming lessons can do a lot for the health and self-esteem of men. Considered a high-impact exercise, swimming for men can be the ideal physical activity for those who want to do a sport but don’t cope well with the tedious routine of the gym with Lifeguard courses near me.

Benefits of Swimming Lessons for Men

Swimming lessons are taught by specialized teachers and are usually held three times a week, in sessions of about an hour. Most schools and gyms that offer the service have flexible hours and a heated pool for the coldest days, which allows classes throughout the year.

Many men are afraid to start classes because of the exposure of the body in bathing suits. But that fear tends to fade quickly, especially after they realize that people of all body types attend classes. In addition, as swimming takes effect on the body, the man tends to feel more confident and the initial shyness disappears.

The main benefits of swimming for men are:

Low incidence of injuries:

water pressure relieves the impact of exercises, tiring less and not compromising joints and bones. This is one of the main reasons why swimming is very suitable for the elderly and people recovering from injuries. In addition, as it is not a contact sport, swimming provides practitioners with low injury rates.
Muscle toning and weight loss: an hour of class can burn up to 700 calories. It is a high impact exercise for anyone looking to lose weight. For those who want to tone their muscles, the results appear faster than in the gym. Everything will depend on the types of exercises, the intensity and the weekly frequency, topics that will be defined with the help of the teacher.
Improved self-esteem: swimming works the body as a whole. It is one of the most complete exercises out there. Whether to lose weight or to define muscles, the results appear faster than in activities performed on dry land. Men’s self-esteem tends to strengthen as they notice the physical and mental results of swimming.
Motor coordination and posture: swimming provides the practitioner with a better knowledge of their own body’s ability. To perform the exercises, the student will need to pay attention to the correct posture and movements, which will impact their life outside the pool, improving their motor coordination.

Improved Breathing:

One of the main benefits of swimming for men is the considerable improvement in breathing. During practice, the student will need to learn to breathe properly. In addition, the pressure of the water in the diaphragm makes the person force the act of breathing more, which will improve the frequency. Finally, the humidity of the pool combined with the act of learning to breathe correctly are beneficial for those who suffer from respiratory problems such as asthma, for example.
Quality of life: swimming, as well as performing other exercises, releases substances that give a feeling of well-being. Among the benefits of swimming for men with regard to well-being are: it helps to fight stress, anxiety and even helps to promote better sleep.

Master Sports: The Best Swimming School in Guarulhos

After deciding that you want to start taking swimming lessons, it’s time to look for a school that offers complete infrastructure and trained professionals. With more than 20 years of tradition, Master Sports has become one of the most renowned swimming and water aerobics schools in Guarulhos and the region. Master Sports ‘ concern for its students is reflected even in the small details: the school cleans its pools with an ozone-based method, which guarantees total cleaning without the smell and harmful effects of chlorine.

Master Sports offers swimming for adults as well as classes for the whole family . It has complete infrastructure, heated pools and highly trained teachers. By making a visit, you can get to know the school, find out which type of class will offer the best results for your goals and choose a time that best fits your routine to take classes. Get in touch for more information.

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