Animated Movies To Watch With Your Kids In 2022

With summer rapidly coming to an end, there are only a few more things left to do with your family before school starts again. While you could go to the beach and cool down in the water in this hot weather, an indoor activity would conserve your energy better. After all, you need to be in the best shape before your school starts. So, doing something like having a movie marathon with your family would be much more appropriate.

Now the question is, “Which movies should I watch?” Considering that you’ll be watching with family including kids, you will need to decide on some family-friendly movies. This blog’s focus is especially that. We will be looking at a list of animated movies that are perfect to watch with your family and kids. You won’t need to worry about any explicit scene showing up unexpectedly in these movies. Most of the movies on the list are probably ones you have already watched before, however, they are just as entertaining to watch again!

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Inside out

This movie was first released in 2015 and it is one of Pixar’s best-animated movies to date! The protagonist of the movie is a girl named Riley, who is moving with her parents from the Midwest to the West Coast. As she is learning to cope with this change and her new life, Riley goes through a lot of emotions. Five emotions, to be precise, are playing around in her head, trying to understand and react to everything appropriately.

Anger, Joy, Sadness, Fear, and Disgust are all emotions in Riley’s head. Secondly, Joy is the emotion that is a sort of leader to the gang, or just the one that takes the lead every time. Because of this, Riley always seems to be happy and energetic. Then through a series of unfortunate events, Joy ends up leaving HQ, which is Riley’s head, and ends up somewhere in the subconscious or the back of Riley’s mind.

Then comes the journey of Joy trying desperately to get back to HQ to save Riley from making the worst decision of her life. The movie is overall a great watch and it is also educational in the sense that children can better understand and comprehend their emotions because of the characters on-screen.


Rats are disgusting and dangerous unless it’s a rat that knows how to cook and can make delicious 5-star meals. Yes, we’re talking about Remi. Nobody wants to eat food made by some rat, but Remi’s food? It’s certainly makes you want to try! Linguini, the janitor, makes a horrible mistake by changing one of the restaurant’s dishes, and adding some spices into it. Remi, ever the chef, is tempted to save the customers from eating that horrid soup.

He goes to add some ingredients and spices that change up the soup flavor and make it better again but is spotted by Linguini. After some more events occur like Remi being spotted by the other kitchen staff as well, and Linguini captures Remi, he goes to kill him but asks him how he had managed to make the soup better. From there onwards, Remi and Linguini team up and discover a few hidden secrets along the way.

This movie is quite entertaining to watch despite its complicated storyline. There are also some lessons to be learned in this movie, like the value of friendship and family. It is a must-watch again on our list, what about yours?


This Pixar movie is the one that has won multiple hearts for its heartwarming story and animation. While the movie is more focused on an old man’s journey to Paradise Falls than his love story and yet, it is exactly that part of the movie that fans love the most. Although it is shown only in little clips with soft music, the scene has managed to make more than a few people cry.

Aside from the love story, we come to Carl Fredricksen and his routine life of doing the same things over and over, except he has lost everything he loved and so, his energy levels seem to be on a constant down. He meets Russell, a boy scout, who needs one more merit badge, which is the one for assisting the elderly. As Carl devises and acts out a plan to fly away with the house, Russell tags along without his knowledge.

We are pretty sure you must have already seen the movie, but even then, it makes for a great re-watch!

The Lion King

Who doesn’t know about this movie, right? This is the movie we all grew up watching! This iconic yet heartbreaking movie will always hold a special place in our hearts. The story follows little Simba and how he grows into an adult to eventually take his place as the rightful leader of the pack. You see, the king of the jungle was not always big and strong, but he started out as a little ambitious and a little rebellious cub who was adored by his parents.

Unfortunately, little old Simba doesn’t know about the malicious intent of his uncle, Scar, who plans to use Simba to get to the throne. It is truly a heartbreaking movie when you see Simba going through everything as a child. But it is still something worth watching again!


So, have you decided on the movies you will watch for the movie marathon? Be sure to download them beforehand to avoid any troubles later on! And if you have a good and reliable internet connection, you won’t need to worry about doing that either!

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