10 beaches in Nayarit that will take your breath away – Unknown Mexico (2022)

Enjoy the Riviera Nayarit, you will find places for all tastes and all times. The Pacific always has something for you.

The western coast of Mexico is the longest coastline in the country; It borders the waters of the Pacific Ocean, which give life to shallow bays, golden sand beaches and hillsides that culminate in the sea. When these coasts are seen for the first time, it seems that history left no testimonies; however, its importance in the world is unquestionable. Today, there are sophisticated hotels that stand along its beaches, large tourist developments that have created paradisiacal places full of glamor, and others bathed in beautiful natural landscapes . But all of them always accompanied by their faithful traditional towns San Blas , Paulita, Puerto Vallarta, Acapulco, Puerto Escondido, Huatulco all in the same strip but with a peculiar atmosphere.

It shelters in its territory the history of its original groups of the Lifeguard certification near me, still reflected in the Cora and Huichol traditions and handicrafts, as evidenced by the port of San Blas. A tour of its beautiful beaches, which begin along the Amici River and end on the border with Jalisco , sometimes reveal samples of these groups. At the same time, its coastline is one of the most appreciated by those who love surfing. On the other hand , the Riviera Nayarit offers the demanding traveler one of the most beautiful tourist developments in the area: Punta Mite, one of the exclusive destinations in the Pacific .

The Bullfighter

With its 90 kilometers in length, it is considered one of the longest and safest beaches in the country. At a distance of one hundred meters, its depth does not exceed one and a half meters . If you travel as a family, everyone can enjoy its warm waters, explore the extensive beach, or admire the spectacular sunsets. To the south of the beach are Boca del Río and the Cuautla channel, ideal for taking a boat ride admiring the mangroves and the abundant vegetation of palm trees, visited by a wide variety of birds. It is ideal for sport fishing, boating, soccer and beach volleyball.

Boca de Calichon

It is an extensive arm of the sea that forms one of the largest areas of marshes and estuaries in the state. If you love living with nature, you are in the right destination. Here you can take a boat ride to the area of ​​the estuaries, through wide channels and natural lagoons of exuberant vegetation of mangroves, puyuque and tulle . In front of the beach there is a pier, where you have the opportunity to rent a boat and visit Isabel Island ; a National Park located 42 nautical miles away and whose journey takes from two to four hours. The island is considered a sanctuary and a research and reproduction center for more than 45,000 seabirds, such as the earwig and the bobo bird. Other attractions are majestic cliffs, islets, coral formations, beaches and a central lagoon . Nearby is Playa El Sestet; It boasts several kilometers in length, golden sand, a gentle slope, regular waves and warm blue waters . To get to know its estuaries and the coast, it is necessary to board a boat.

The Corks

It is ideal for those who like research, adventure and contact with nature. It is several kilometers long and extends to the mouth of the Lerma-Santiago River, to the south, where it is possible to observe a great variety of terrestrial and marine fauna. Its sand is fine and golden, with a slope and regular waves. The color of the water ranges from blue to green and its warm temperature is ideal for cooling off. In its waters you can ride a sailboat, swim, dive and fish for species such as sea bass, marlin, dorado and sailfish.

San Blas

It is an excellent place for those who know how to enjoy tranquility and nature . In addition to being a paradise for birds, it is the perfect place to escape from the routine of the city and enjoy an incomparable show of extraordinary beauty and color. Its calm waters will allow you to spend an ecotourism vacation among estuaries, mangroves and beaches. It is also a very popular destination for surfers, remember that some time ago San Blas appeared in the Guinness Book of Records for the longest wave in the world. Very close is El Borrego; an open sea beach, with soft sand and a regular slope. Its waters are also very popular with surfers.

Matenche Bay

This beach boasts seven kilometers long, soft sand and moderate waves. During your tour you will admire the exuberance of the vegetation; It is a conservation and research area to prevent the disappearance of animal and plant species. Here there are nine collection centers for shrimp larvae that cultivate six species. In the School of Fishing Engineering, projects are developed for the reproduction of shrimp and clams. In its waters you can swim, dive, surf, jet ski, volleyball and beach soccer. You can appreciate the surroundings aboard a sailboat, walking along the beach or sunbathing while watching the sunset. If you want to admire more of this natural beauty, we suggest you go to Boca del Naranjo; It has clean, lonely beaches, exuberant vegetation and camping sites.


Beach of fine light gray sand, with gentle waves and slopes, with areas of small stones shaped by the sea. Its blue-green waters have a warm temperature. It is characterized as a stone oyster breeding center, and is famous for its exquisite fresh oysters. We suggest you visit the Atacama stream, a very quiet place where you can bathe. In the rainy season it is common to see calques, animals similar to shrimp. For those who love birds, this is a good place to fully observe them.


The abundance of palm trees that grow on its beach and in the surroundings give the place its name. It is about two kilometers long, boasting fine, gray-gold sand with areas of small stones shaped by the sea. Its slope is gentle, with moderate waves, its blue-green waters have a warm temperature, in them you can swim, dive, fish, ski and surf; you can also camp and organize a romantic evening in the light of the moon, under its cozy atmosphere. At the north end is the mouth of a river with crystal clear waters that allows you to combine freshwater baths with seawater baths, in addition to enjoying the natural pool that forms there.

Holy Cross

It has a beach known as La Campana, located in a small cove, to visit it it is necessary to access through the town. It has an approximate extension of 800 meters; its sand is fine with stone areas, of regular size polished by the sea. It boasts gentle slope and waves; warm, blue-green waters. It has an area where the Naranjo River flows. The vegetation is medium jungle, with some palm trees. If you like contact with nature, nine kilometers from Santa Cruz you will find the El Salto waterfall ; To get there you need a guide to lead you along the dirt road on foot or on horseback. IN this warm place you will also find three waterfalls whose main fall is 30 meters high; all three flow into a 16 meter diameter basalt rock pond, surrounded by exuberant jungle vegetation.


This destination offers panoramas of incomparable beauty, where the waters of the Pacific rush against its beaches. It has an extension of 200 meters long; It boasts a moderate slope and waves, the sand is fine and pearly, with some small sea rocks; its waters are warm and deep blue. Coconut trees abound in the place, at one time they were used for the extraction of coconut oil; there are also palm trees and medium jungle vegetation. To observe this landscape, we recommend you take a boat ride and visit the nearby beaches. If you like to fish, with luck you will find snapper, sea bass, saw, croaker, mojarra and other species.

Mouth of Chile

You fancy for full rest surrounded by greenery; Many species of waterfowl live in its mangroves. If you are looking for a lonely, beautiful and quiet place, Chile is the option. Its beach boasts soft sand; warm waters with intense blue waves. It is a destination appreciated by surfers and by sea turtles for nesting.

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